Alcohol licence glossary

East Lothian Licensing Board is responsible for all alcohol licensing and deal with:

Provisional Premises Licence

A Provisional Premises Licence can be applied for a premises that is still under construction, conversion, or even not yet built. 

Provisional premises licenses information and application documentation

Premises Licence

A Premises Licence is required for premises where the sale of alcohol is part of the business.  An application can be made by an individual over the age of 18 years, a company or an organisation involved in the sale of alcohol.  Premises licenses are transferable and remain in force with no time limit subject to the payment of an annual fee.  For more information on Premises Licenses and to download application documentation, please click here.

Premises licenses information and application documentation

Minor Variations

If you want to:

  • make a change to a layout plan that does not change the information in the operating plan
  • restrict any of the term on which children are allowed entry
  • change an existing premises manager details or name a new premises manager

You will need to submit a Minor Variation application. 

Details and documents on minor variations can be found here.

Major Variations

If you want to:

  • change any of the information in the operating plan
  • change the layout plan of the premises
  • change any of the conditions attached to a licence
  • change any of the information in the licence

You will need to submit a Major Variation application. 

Details and documents on major variations can be found here.

Transfer of Premises Licence

A premises licence can be transferred to any company, organisation or person except individuals under the age of 18 years.  The application must be made by the current licence holder. 

Information and documents relating to licence transfers can be found here.

Temporary Premises Licence

The purpose of a temporary licence is to allow a trader to use temporary premises to continue his business whilst his main premises are undergoing, or are to undergo, reconstruction or conversion. 

You can find further information on temporary licences here.

Occasional Licence

If you want to sell alcohol in a place that does not have a Premises Licence, then you must apply for an Occasional Licence. 

To make an application, you must be one of the following:

  • the holder of a Premises Licence
  • the holder of a Personal Licence
  • a representative of a voluntary organisation

More details and required documents on occasional licences here

Extended Hours Licence

If a premises licence holder wants to open their premises later than the current hours detailed in their operating plan, they must apply for an extension of hours. 

East Lothian Licensing Board has the power to grant general extensions for all premises, of licensed hours in connection with a special event of local or national significance.  Normally this is granted during the Christmas / New Year period.

To apply for an extension of hours, please click here.

Personal Licenses

You need a personal licence to authorise or supervise the sale of alcohol in licensed premises anywhere in Scotland.  You should apply to the Licensing Authority for the area you ordinarily reside.  The licence is ‘portable’, meaning that it is valid in any area of Scotland.

More information and application documentation on personal licences

**Please note: licence fees are non-refundable**

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