Street traders

If you wish to sell anything in a public place you will need to apply for a Street Trader's Licence. This  applies if you operate from a vehicle, kiosk or stall and also if you are offering to carry out any service in a public place, for money or money's worth.  Examples of this are Ice cream vans, burger vans, wheelie bin cleaning companies, etc.

All employees as well as the operator of the business need to apply for a licence.  Each person must complete the street trader's licence application form below, enclosing the fee and 2 passport photographs.  A Street Trader's Licence lasts for 3 years however there is also a Temporary Licence that lasts up to 6 weeks.

How the application is dealt with

We will send a copy of your application to Police Scotland and East Lothian Council officers.  If you are selling food, the vehicle, kiosk or stall used will need to be inspected by the Council's Environmental Health Division.

You can contact them on 01620 827365 for more information.

If you are granted a licence, this covers you for the whole of East Lothian.  It is your responsibility to make sure you have the landowner's consent to be there.  If you have a full licence (lasting 3 years), it is your responsibility to apply for your renewal  before the licence expires.

If you are planning to trade on the street or public pavement, please contact East Lothian Council Transportation Division, for information on applying for a permit to occupy part of a street. 

Download street trader licence application

Download street trader guidance notes

Licence Fees

**Please note: Licence fees are non-refundable**