Stray and nuisance dogs

Stray dogs

The council, in partnership with the police, collects stray dogs.

Wherever possible, we return them to their owners. If this isn't possible, they are taken to the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home (telephone: 0131 669 5331).

Tell us about a stray dog

Or you can call 01875 824305 during normal office hours.

Outwith office hours, you should contact the police on 101.

Dangerous and nuisance dogs

The aim of the Control of Dogs Act (Scotland) 2010 is to promote awareness of the responsibility involved in dog ownership. The Act focusses on the "Deed not the Breed" approach in takeling irrersponsible ownership.

The key aim is to:

  • highlight the responsibillites of owners of out of control dogs at an early stage
  • provide the information and assistance needed to change the behaviour of the dog and the owner before the dog becomes dangerous

This is fundamental in helping reduce the number of attacks by dogs of all breeds. 

For more information you can read the Control of Dogs Act (Scotland) 2010 leaflet that contains information on dog owners and enforcment.

Download the Control of Dogs Act

Report dangerous or nuisance dog(s)

If you are worried that a dog is dangerous contact Police Scotland immediately - so they can respond quickly.

If you have a problem with a nuisance dog (for example a dog that barks continually or behaves aggressively), and if the dog's owner is unable to resolve the problem you can contact the community warden team.

Find out more in our Annoying Creatures Procedure