Dog watch

East Lothian Council have a major role to play in trying to prevent this antisocial practice and undertake Warden Patrols, issue Fixed Penalty Notices to offenders and clean up, as much as possible behind irresponsible dog owners.

We can only do so much and warden patrols, when people think they're being watched, they behave like model citizens. Accordingly, the council needs your help and has launched Dog watch in your area to try and deal with this problem.

Dog watch is based on the principals of Neighbourhood Watch and aims to give the community the tools, advice and support required to help them demonstrate zero tolerance towards offenders.

One of the most common complaints received by East Lothian Council relates to the inexcusable behavior of some people who fail to clean up after their dog when it fouls in a public place.

With little or no regard for the health and wellbeing of others, certain members of the community seem to think it acceptable to leave dog excrement lying around for others to come into contact with.

Dog watch provides an easy to use telephone or on-line reporting system that enables you to safely and quickly report incidences of offenders failing to clean up after their dogs. If you witness someone committing an offence simply contact East Lothian Council on 01875 824305 or follow the instructions to report the incident online.

In reporting such offences your personal details will remain confidential and, if you are able to provide sufficient reliable information, our wardens may be able to issue a Fixed Penalty Fine or warning to an offender.

Report dog fouling online

For more information on dog fouling in East Lothian you can download and view our Dog Watch leaflet.

Dogwatch operates under the terms of the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003 and full details of the act can be found by visiting the Legislation website.