Business continuity

  • Have you thought what would happen to your business if you weren't able to access your place of work?
  • What if there was a flood or fire which either made your premises inaccessible or destroyed them?
  • Do you have an evacuation procedure for your premises - have you tested it lately?
  • Have you considered the impact of a flu pandemic on your business and your suppliers businesses?

Have you got a business continuity plan in place?

  • Do you have an alternative location available as a temporary measure?
  • How would your staff stay in touch with you if you lost your premises overnight to an emergency and they couldn't get into the office the following day

A guide to business continuity planning - A guide to business continuity planning for business and voluntary organisations.

For business continuity advice please visit the Business Continuity Institute website.

Security advice is available from the MI5 website.

Specific information and advice is available from the Scottish Government website.

Further information and guidance is also available through the Continuity Central website.