Flat-rate and means-tested charges

Some adult social care services incur a charge for their delivery.

Flat-rate charges

Some services are charged at a flat rate, which means that everyone pays the same amount for the service.  It does not matter how much income or savings you have, the charge remains the same. 

The following services are charged at a flat rate:

  • Meals:  where meals are brought to your home or provided at a lunch club.  A standard charge applies for each meal you receive.  This is paid to the lunch club or company that provides the meals.
    • Charge is £4.20 per meal (with effect from 1 June 2024)
  • Community Alarm Service: a weekly standard charge applies to have the Community Alarm service in place at your home.  This is paid every six month in arrears in October and April.
    • Charge is £4.50 per week (with effect from 1 October 2024)
  • Transport: a standard rate applies to transport services to destinations other than day centres and resources centres.
    • Charge is £2.47 per person, per journey (with effect from 3 June 2024)


Means-tested charges

Charges for some services are means-tested, which means the amount you have to pay will depend on both:

  • how much of the service you use, and
  • how much income and savings you have.

Individuals who have income or savings over £16,000 will have to pay the full standard charge for services.

If this does not apply to you, a financial assessment will be carried out to identify how much you will be asked to contribute to a service.  In some cases, services will be delivered free of charge.

The following services are based on a means-tested charging assessment:

  • Care or support at home (excluding personal care) 
    • Standard rate is £17.05 per hour
    • The actual charge will depend on the outcome of the financial assessment.
  • Attendance at Resource / Day Centre and/or other community support sessions (without transport)
    • Standard rate per 3 hour session is £2.39 per person  (a full day is two sessions)
    • The actual charge will depend on the outcome of the financial assessment.
  • Transport and attenance at Resource / Day Centre and/or community support session 
    • Standard rate for 1 session with transport (3 hrs) is £3.55 per person (from 3 June 2024)
    • Standard rate for 2 sessions with transport (full day) is £5.88 per person (from 3 June 2024) 
    • The actual charge will depend on the outcome of the financial assessment.

Financial assessment process for means-testing charges