Financial assessment for means-tested charges

For any services recommended to you that have means-tested service charges, we will carry out a financial assessment.  

You will be asked to complete a financial assessment form, which requests information relating to your:

  • income (and your partner / spouse's income, if the service is shared)
  • pensions and benefits
  • savings and capital (for example, shares, property).

You also need to provide paperwork to support the information that you have given. For example, we will need to see copies of current bank statements, savings accounts etc.

Please note that the sooner we get this information, the quicker we can work out how much you will have to pay.

Confirming your contribution charge

After completing the financial assessment, we will send you a letter explaining how much you have to pay each week for your social care services.  We normally issue a bill for services, which needs to be paid every four weeks.

Means-tested charges are reviewed each year to check they remain accurate.  You should let us know about any significant changes in your income or savings during the year.

If you don't wish to disclose your financial details, you will have to pay the full charge for the service.

Who to contact

If you have questions about the social care services available to you:

Contact the Adult Social Work Services Team:

T: 01875 824309   E: 

If you have questions about the financial assessment process or paying for social care services: 

Contact the Financial Assessment Team:

T: 01620 827901  E: