Procurement procedures and strategy

Our staff follow the corporate procurement procedures. These procedures are designed for use principally by any council staff member who has a requirement for goods, services or works. Our standing orders state that all procurement must be carried out in accordance with the council's approved strategy, policies and procedures.

The procedures include amongst other things:

  • an overview of the stages in a procurement process
  • thresholds, the quotation and tender processes in detail
  • having authority to contract including roles and responsibilities
  • minimum pre-qualification requirements and ethical do's and don'ts.

Procurement Strategy

This strategy aims to put in place a comprehensive framework for dealing with East Lothian Council's core trade spend of approximately £140,000,000 per annum, and ensuring the obligations of the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 are adhered to by the council in all its procurement activity.

Corporate Procurement Strategy

Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland

Useful information for suppliers

We have compiled a 'useful information for suppliers document'. If you have any further questions please get in touch with the corporate procurement team.

Useful information for suppliers document