What is East Lothian Works?

East Lothian Works supports and inspires people to fulfil their career goals, develop new and existing skills and help grow their businesses in East Lothian. Our area boasts a wealth of fantastic opportunities across different sectors and is a great place to live and work. We're here to support and develop talent and businesses to be proud of.

Our team provides expert advice on jobs, training, and skills development. Whatever path you’re taking we’re here to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. 

Plus, we help those in business or who are getting off the starting blocks, find great talent and grow. We know the current economic climate has created uncertainty. We’re here to help. The way we deliver some of our services may have changed, but East Lothian Works is still providing support, advice, and reassurance.  

What our team says:

“We focus on the individual. Young people especially have been hit hard by the pandemic and they need our help more now than ever. We’re also here to support businesses grow and recruit new talent, whether they’re new or are well established.” 

Older man with a folder talking to a woman outside the east Lothian Works office.

 “Everyone is working towards the same goal; supporting individuals access training, develop new skills, or simply build up their confidence, which will help their future career prospects.” 

East Lothian Works, woman in a yellow scarf working on a computer

 “As a support hub for those living in East Lothian, we listen and help you create an action plan for work, training, or future learning. Most importantly we care.” 

East Lothian Works team standing outside their office

“East Lothian Works is the key to help open the door to your employment pathway. Whatever stage you are at, whether you are planning to leave school, looking to grow your business, or looking to upskill, East Lothian Works can help.”  

Man in a checked shirt, holding English teaching materials, talking to a colleague in an office setting.


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Call our helpline on 01620 827262 or

Email elworks@eastlothian.gov.uk