Mission Ambition

Mission Ambition is an exciting programme for young people and their families to access University level experiences from P6 and to be exposed to learning opportunities they might not otherwise have encountered.  It aims to raise the aspirations and attainment of young people.  It is proposed that our Pilot, beginning 2021/2022, will run across the Prestonpans Cluster.

This will be achieved by identifying students with potential and guiding them through their academic journey in order to support them in becoming the best person they can be.  In discussion with schools, students will be identified who they feel may benefit from the Mission Ambition programme and who will be first generation University attendees.

All P6 pupils to S6 students, who are part of Mission Ambition, will be mentored and supported throughout the duration of their schooling with a comprehensive and family centred programme in conjunction with our University Partners.

Each year there are a number of pupils in East Lothian who have the academic potential to achieve but do not find their positive destination due to circumstances out with their control.  Our aim is that all students reach a positive destination once they leave school, whether that be University, college, employment, further education or apprenticeships.