The Employability Pipeline

The Employability Pipeline has been developed to provide a pathway for a person’s journey into employment. There are five stages in the pipeline, with different programmes to support people at the various stages. People are able to start their journey with us at any stage along the pipeline and at every step of the way support will be tailored to the individual’s needs.

Stage 1

Reaching out to people and supporting them into regular activity

  • Client Status: Not job ready

Stage 2

Supporting people in activities that address their individual needs

  • Client Status: Not job ready

Stage 3

Assisting people with training and developing core skills

  • Client Status: Job ready

Stage 4

Assisting people with work experience and job applications

  • Client Status: Job ready

Stage 5

Helping people stay in work and progress in their job

  • Client Status: In Work


The Employability Pipeline - Services at each Stage