North Berwick Coastal Area Plan

The North Berwick Coastal area is a great place to live and the North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership Plan is about making life even better for everyone who lives, gets around, works and visits the area.  It is a chance to do things differently.

The Area Partnership brings people from across the community together to get our voices heard and influence decisions about the things that matter to us. We will continue to work with communities across the Partnership Area to develop this ten year plan in a fair, transparent, accountable and inclusive way.

Our local plan links to East Lothian Partnership which is working towards 10 strategic outcomes that together contribute to an East Lothian where everyone has the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life and which contributes to a fair and sustainable future. Further information on the outcomes can be found in the East Lothian Plan.

After looking at the evidence and working with local people and community groups the North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership has identified the priority areas listed for action across the three strategic objectives of the East Lothian Plan:

  1. Sustainable Economy
  2. Resilient People
  3. Safe and Vibrant Communities

These priorities are supported by an Action Plan which details how the Area Partnership will work with public services, voluntary sector agencies, communities and local people to achieve each priority’s outcomes.

Our vision

Our vision is to work with our community to make life better for everyone who lives, gets around, works, and visits the North Berwick Coastal Area.

Our values

The overarching value of the Area Partnerships is to reduce inequalities both within and between our communities.

How we can make a difference

There are several ways for people in communities to have greater influence over decision making and influence over the things that matter to us.

  • there are things we can do ourselves
  • we can influence the way council and services are delivered in our community
  • we can influence other public and voluntary bodies
  • once we have identified our priorities we can apply for funding so we have a bigger pot to spend

The Area Plan aims to identify our long, medium and short term outcomes. In the longer term, we are working towards an area where we have:

  • a welcoming community where everyone is valued
  • people have a sense of belonging and feel positive about where they live
  • people are healthy and active
  • a thriving Arts Centre offering employment opportunities
  • a designated space for young people
  • a network of paths/ cycle ways joining all our communities


Within the plan we have identified priority outcomes and actions within the following aspirations:

  • great place to live
  • great place to get around
  • great place to work
  • great place to visit

Download the North Berwick Coastal Area Plan

Please note that Area Plans are ‘living documents’ and are constantly being updated. This Area Plan is still in draft format and may have been altered since it was uploaded. If you have any queries about the Area Plan, please contact