What do we do in welfare rights?

Thank you so much for all your support and hard work.

We really appreciate all you did and the great job Welfare Rights do.

The world of welfare benefits can be complicated and it's often difficult to know what you might be entitled to or how to apply.

Our Welfare Rights team can help. We offer free, impartial and confidential advice and support.

We can:

  • Let you know what benefits you may be entitled to and help you to apply
  • Check that you are getting the right amount of benefit
  • If you've recently had a benefit claim turned down and wish to appeal against a decision, then we can act on your behalf

Welfare benefit rates for 2018/19

Welfare benefit rates are published annually at the start of each financial year.

2018/19 benefit rates

So what might you be entitled to?

If you want to check what you may be entitled to, then try out our online benefits calculator.

Remember, this will only be an estimate as you will need to apply and any application will be subject to the relevant eligibility criteria.

Benefits calculator