The Housing Strategy Team Monthly Update - August

Hearing from colleagues

This month, the Housing Strategy Team spoke to colleagues within the Criminal Justice team to discuss the housing challenges for those they work with. They spoke of the difficulties found when leaving prison, concerns over the cost of living and the potential changes they would like to see for future housing and housing services in East Lothian.  

Young people of East Lothian

This month launched our survey for those aged 16 to 30 to share their own thoughts on housing in East Lothian. Hearing from this group allows for an understanding of the unique challenges and concerns for young people in East Lothian, how they want to live in the future and any potential barriers to these plans. The survey is available here and is open until 7 September.

Tenants and Landlord within the Private Rented Sector

Research continued into the private rented sector. Surveys for tenants and landlords within the private rented sector in East Lothian ran throughout the month and will close on the 4 September.