Housing and Town Centres

Our Local Housing Strategy 2018-23 is the first of its kind to include an outcome on sustainable communities. It recognises that the communities in which we live have a significant impact on individuals life chances and outcomes.

Priority Outcome 1: Sustainable and vibrant communities are created and maintained.

It focuses on the wider placemaking agenda - placemaking is an approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces - linking to The East Lothian Plan 2017-27 and East Lothian Local Development Plan 2016.

Legislation and Policy

The Scottish Government's vision for a Scotland, where our most disadvantaged communities are supported and where all places are sustainable and promote well-being, is set out in the Regeneration Strategy - 'Achieving a Sustainable Future' (2011).

Also central to achieving sustainable and vibrant communities in East Lothian is the Scottish Government's policy agenda 'Creating Places'.

Strategic Action

Taking into account both local and national contexts detailed above, detailed actions, targets and milestones to achieve Priority Outcome 1 can be found within Appendix 3: Action Plan of our Local Housing Strategy.