Bail supervision and diversion from prosecution

Bail Supervision

Justice Social Work will do an assessment for Bail Supervision in all Bail Opposed cases. 

If someone is on Bail Supervision then they have to agree to conditions like not contacting witnesses, not committing any further offences or living at a particular address. 

Bail Supervision allows people to remain in the community and can reduce the risk of reoffending.

Justice Social Work staff will see the person on a regular basis. It is used to monitor behaviour and manage any risk they may pose to the public whilst they are on bail, but also to support people to make positive changes in their life. 

Diversion from Prosecution

The Procurator Fiscal can ask for a Diversion Assessment from Justice Social Work Services if they think that the case might not need to go to Court. 

Someone from Justice Social Work will meet with the person to talk about the situation and write a report. If the Procurator Fiscal agrees, the person may be required to do some work on any of the issues which were identified.

The Justice Social Work Team may work directly with the person or refer them to another agency for more specialised support.

Structured Deferred Sentences

Justice Social Work Services are developing Structured Deferred Sentences, which would encourage people to engage with support in the community rather than being placed under statutory supervision.