How and when you should apply

This information is for young people who are continuing in post-compulsory education:

If you are taking part in an Activity Agreement with East Lothian Works, for further information see their Activity Agreement page.

A new application form has to be completed every academic year. You can use the guidance notes to help you complete the form and upload the required evidence.

If you are eligible to apply for an EMA and enrolled at an East Lothian school, we will contact you when the new application form is available.

For students who may be eligible for the EMA from January 2023, you can apply online from December 2022.

EMA Application Form and Guidance Notes

You can also contact the Education Business Unit:


You must complete an East Lothian Council Application Form. Other EMA application forms are not accepted.

Late applications

Applications are processed on a 'first come, first served' basis. While payments may be delayed until later in the school year, approved applications will be backdated to the start of the term if they are received by 30 September 2022 (for those eligible for the full year award) or by 28 February 2023 (for those eligible from January 2023).

If the application is received after the deadline, the award will only be made from the week it is received, provided that the attendance criteria have been met.

The cut-off date for processing applications for academic year 2022/2023 is 31 March 2023. No applications will be processed after this date.

Enquiring about your application

Individual enquiries cause delay in processing awards; if possible, you should avoid contacting the Education Business Unit about the progress of your application. 

You will normally hear back from us within 28 days of your application being submitted.