Activity Agreements

An Activity Agreement is a plan of learning and activity which an advisor helps a young person to put together, so that when they're ready they can move on to further education, training or employment. It can include volunteering, short courses, supported learning and practical experience including work experience placements.

Young people on Activity Agreements may be eligible for an Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

Who is eligible for an Activity Agreement?

Young people are eligible if they:

  • have left school
  • are unable or unready to access other options after leaving school because of problems such as prolonged absence from school, disabilities or learning difficulties
  • are aged between 16 and 19

Activity Agreements are targeted at young people who may need extra support to find work, training or further education. This includes young people who:

  • have additional support needs
  • skipped school or were excluded
  • have been in care or had support from a social worker
  • look after someone else at home
  • tried college or a job, and didn't manage to keep going
  • have other problems that make life difficult

How do you get an Activity Agreement?

For further information on Activity Agreements and to see if you are eligible contact: