Penny Rackett

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I always wanted to be a child psychologist, but took a roundabout route, including a first degree at Edinburgh University in Latin and Italian, living in Italy for 3 years, teaching Italian, French and English for around 10 years, then working in a counselling agency while getting a second degree in Psychology.

I first studied Psychodynamic Developmental Psychology at the Anna Freud Centre, then trained as an Educational Psychologist and I've worked as an EP for 12 years, but just joined the East Lothian team in January 2016. While I have a special interest in mental health and the early years, I love most aspects of my job and think East Lothian schools and people are great! I'm a Video Interaction Guidance supervisor and a committee member of the Association of Infant Mental Health.

I really enjoy working collaboratively and helping people to see what amazing strengths and talents they have, especially in difficult times. One saying I like from the Solution Focused approach, is 'one foot in pain, one foot in possibility' - and I think having a laugh along the way never hurts.