What happens if you don't pay rent

Paying rent is the most important part of your tenancy agreement. 

It is important that you pay your rent on time and in full and that you are aware of the consequences if you do not pay.

Rent is charged each fortnight and is payable in advance by the first Monday of each rent period.  Any payment not made on time will be treated as rent arrears.

How to prevent rent arrears and get the help you need

If you are having problems paying your rent or are concerned about rent arrears, the rent income team can help you.

Don't be afraid to ask for help and don't delay. 

We will deal with your concerns confidentially and sensitively and will make sure you get the help you need.

We will:

  • make sure you are receiving all benefit you may be entitled to
  • help you to complete application forms
  • refer you to other agencies for a financial assessment if you have multiple debts
  • if you are unable to pay your rent arrears in full, we can discuss an affordable repayment arrangement with you. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your rent is paid on time and in full.  

Failure to deal with rent arrears could result in legal action being taken against you and you could be at risk of losing your home.