Other ways to pay your Council Tax

Pay online

We offer a 24 hour online payment service for customers wishing to make a payment by debit or credit card.

When paying online, you can set up a recurring card payment from your debit card.  However, if you have arrears and have received a reminder letter requesting payment, you must contact the Council Tax team first to agree an appropriate repayment arrangement amount.

Pay online now

Pay over the phone

You can pay over the phone at any time using your debit or credit card. Our automated payment line is open 24/7.  

Phone 01875 824301 and quote your Council Tax account number. If you don't know your account number, you will need to phone during opening hours to speak to an Adviser.

Pay at a Post Office or PayPoint outlet

You can use your Council Tax payment card to pay at any Post Office or PayPoint outlet.  Payments may take up to four days to reach us.

Request a Council Tax payment card

Direct Debit, and the payment methods noted above, are the most efficient ways to pay Council Tax and we would encourage all of our customers to choose one of these options. 

However, if these options are not suitable for you, please get in touch with the Council Tax team and we can advise if there are any other payment methods available which would be more suitable to your circumstances.