What can be funded?

Applications can be made to the Common Good Funds to support activities that will benefit the residents of that area. Each Common Good Committee has authority to:

  • Award grants of up to £10,000
  • Make recommendations to the Council on applications of over £10,000
  • Approve revenue expenditure of up to £10,000 for the maintenance of the assets of the Fund, provided that can be met within the approved budget
  • Each application for a grant will be considered on its own merits. This can include, for example, expenditure on:
  • The expense of civic ceremonies and of the provision of suitable hospitality on appropriate occasions and for appropriate persons and guests
  • Applications from individuals and groups where the grant of the application would benefit the community as a whole
  • Firework displays, where appropriate

Note – this list is representative only and does not preclude other awards that are thought appropriate.

What can’t be funded?

  • Applications for projects that do not benefit the wider community
  • Applications from individuals or organisations that do not live or operate within the area of the Common Good Fund
  • Activities promoting political beliefs
  • Organisations seeking to make a profit using Common Good funding