How to apply for funding

To qualify for Common Good funding, applications must be submitted on the Common Good Application Form. For organisations applying for funding, the form should be completed by an office-bearer. Application forms should be completed as fully as possible and should be accompanied by supporting documentation. They must be submitted one month in advance of the meeting at which it will be considered (see link below for meeting dates). However, it should be noted that the timescale for processing applications for funding in excess of £10,000 may take longer than applications for funding up to £10,000.

Once an application has been received, it will be assessed to ascertain if it is competent and complete. If an application is not complete, further information may be requested from the applicant. Members of the Common Good Committee may require further information on applications and may invite the applicant to the meeting of the Committee to provide such information.

Meetings of the Common Good Committees will generally be held in Haddington, but may be held elsewhere. Although meetings will be advertised and some of the business will be open to the public, applications will be considered in private by the Committee. The approved minutes of the meetings will be published on the council's website.

For further information and an application form:

By emailing the Committees Team at East Lothian Council:

Download an Application Form