Landlord registration

The aim of landlord registration is to ensure that all private landlords and agents in Scotland are ‘fit and proper’ to be letting residential property. The owner of every let property must register, and must declare anyone who acts for them in relation to their letting. You must register with each local authority in whose area you let property. You can also register if you do not own any property, to show that you are ‘fit and proper’ to act as an agent, or before you invest in property for let.

It is an offence to let, or seek to let, a property without first having made a valid application to register.

There are some exemptions, including:

  • holiday lets
  • houses providing care services regulated by the Care Commission
  • properties let to particular relatives of the landlord
  • private lets with a Resident Landlord.

Apply via the Landlord Registration Scotland website


Payment must be made at the time of application.  Fees are currently:

Principal fee:   £80

Property fee:   £18 (per let property)

Late application fee:   £160

Download the private landlord registration application

Unregistered landlords

A landlord who does not apply to register and continues to let property is guilty of an offence, and the council may serve a notice suspending the tenants' rent payments. Alternatively, we can seek a criminal prosecution against an unregistered landlord who continues to let property. The maximum fine is £50,000 per offence.