UK General Election Results - 12 December 2019

A UK Parliamentary General Election was called for Thursday 12 December 2019.

The voting system for the UK Parliamentary General Election is the First Past the Post system. To become a Member of the UK Parliament (MP) in Westminster a candidate simply has to win more votes than any other candidate standing in a particular constituency.

Electors in East Lothian vote for an MP to represent the East Lothian Constituency.

Results of the election are as follows:

  • Craig Hoy (Scottish Conservative‎ and Unionist) - 15523
  • Kenneth MacAskill (SNP) - 21156
  • Robert O'Riordan (Scottish Liberal Democrats) - 4071
  • David Sisson (UKIP) - 493
  • Martin Whitfield (Scottish Labour Party) 17270

Electorate - 81,600

Total votes cast - 58,627

Percentage Poll - 71.86%

Ballot papers rejected - 114