East Lothian Council by-election results - 9 May 2019

Ward 5 Haddington and Lammermuir

A by-election was held on Thursday 9 May 2019 for the election of one councillor in Ward 5 of East Lothian Council, the Haddington and Lammermuir Ward. The by-election was required due to the resignation of Councillor Brian Small.

The by-election used the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system where voters ranked candidates in order of preference rather than a single cross. Voters chose to vote for as many or as few candidates as they liked.

The successful candidate, Craig Hoy, will represent this ward along with the three existing councillors.

Results - first preference votes

  • Craig HOY -Scottish Conservative and Unionist - 2,212
  • Lorraine GLASS - Scottish National Party - 1,866
  • Neal BLACK - Scottish Labour Party - 1,359
  • Stuart CRAWFORD - Scottish Liberal Democrats - 774
  • David SISSON - UK Independence Party - 108

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