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Building standards - maintenance of records

Land and property - building standards

Maintenance of records

The Council keeps a building standards register for East Lothian. 

The register is made up of two parts.

Part I contains:

  • applications for warrants and amendments to warrants
  • certificates from approved certifiers of design
  • decisions on applications
  • submissions of completion certificates
  • certificates from approved certifiers of construction
  • decisions on submissions (whether they are accepted or rejected)
  • conditions relating to any continuing requirements imposed by warrants
  • particulars of energy performance certificates
  • particulars of enforcement notices

 Part II contains:

  • copies of warrants and completion certificates, including certificates from approved certifiers of design and construction
  • principal drawings and specifications
  • any other documents submitted for registration in connection with particular projects
  • any copies of energy performance certificates
  • copies of notices served under the Building (Scotland) Act 2003

Documents in Part II are normally kept for 25 years.  Details of complex buildings are ideally kept until the building is demolished, but must be kept for at least for 50 years.

Part II documents are subject to security conditions.  Access to them is only given to an interested party, i.e. someone who is judged to be the:

  • owner, occupier or tenant
  • prospective owner, occupier or tenant
  • owner/tenant of an adjoining building

The handwritten register is available at Environment Reception for inspection alternatively you can view all Building Warrant Applications received since 1st May 2005 online.

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