Option 1 - Case Study

Sally - Using a Direct Payment

Sally's mother has dementia and was determined to keep her mum at home. Sally had received some support from a care agency previously but did not always find that the times the agency had available suited either herself or her mum.

Sally discussed this with her social worker and agreed to find out more about becoming an employer. After learning more about managing a direct payment from Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living (LCIL), Sally decided she would prefer to employ a personal assistant. LCIL helped her to advertise for a personal assistant, provided support with interviewing them and to write a contract once she had found the person she wanted to employ.

Sally and her mother are able to plan support around a timetable that best suits them and because her mother is now familiar with their Personal Assistant, her dementia is easier for them to manage. Sally is now considering accessing a respite service and is planning to take her Personal Assistant with them so she can go on holiday with her mother and still receive support when she is away.

"SDS means I can fit my mother's care needs around my work hours, my mum loves her PA and is much happier as a result."