Option 2 - Case Study

Fraser - Using Option 2

Fraser has mental health problems and is not always comfortable in crowds. As a result Fraser spends a lot of his time at home but still likes to be able to have contact with people when he feels he is able to manage this. He is also keen to pursue some employment and training opportunities.

After discussing his outcomes with his social worker, Fraser decides that he wants to join a learning and development course online. Fraser is unable to purchase a laptop with the money that he receives on benefits and his social worker applies for him to receive a laptop and to pay a set fee monthly towards his broadband costs.

Fraser is now able to use the laptop to complete the course work and is also able to keep in touch with friends online if he doesn’t feel able to meet them face to face.

“I feel like I’m in control of my life again. I keep in touch with friends when I want and feel much more positive about my future.”