Apply as an organisation

An organisation can apply for a Blue Badge if it both cares for and transports people with physical disabilities, who would themselves qualify for an individual Blue Badge.

Please see our Blue Badge Eligibility page.

Badges will only be issued to an organisation which:

  • evidence that the vehicle on which the badge will be displayed is licensed under the Disabled Passenger Vehicle taxation class (send a copy of the V5 vehicle registration document)
  • cares for and transports physically disabled people who would meet one or more of the eligibility criteria for an individual Blue Badge
  • has a clear need for an organisational badge rather than using the personal Blue Badges of people it is transporting
  • is concerned with the care of physically disabled people (who would meet one or more of the eligibility criteria prescribed in the regulations that govern the scheme, The Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities for organisations that have Blue Badges and the vehicle is used solely for the purpose of transporting those people

Organisations should only consider applying for a Blue Badge for their Special Educational Needs (SEN) transport if they are transporting children with physical disabilities.

In all circumstances, badges will be supplied to organisations rather than to individual staff members.

The badge should be used when transporting people with physical disabilities in their care who meet one or more of the eligibility criteria for an individual badge and must not be used when carrying out other business on behalf of the organisation.

Employees caught using a Blue Badge in this way may face a fine of up to £1,000.

Taxi, private hire and community transport operators are unlikely to be eligible as they are rarely involved in the care of people with physical disabilities. They can however use an individual's Blue Badge when carrying that person as a passenger.

If you think your organisation may be eligible, you can apply for a Blue Badge online, or download an application form.