Road permits and consents

If you propose to undertake any of the activities listed below on a public road or footway, it is a legal requirement that you obtain consent from the council as Roads Authority.

Consent will be given by means of a permit which will usually be issued within 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity / scale of your works and the accuracy of the details submitted in your application.

Skip permits can normally be issued within 10 days.

Road Excavation Permit

  • excavate in the road or pavement
  • create or alter a driveway or other access point
  • construct a drop kerb

Road Occupation Permit

  • place a skip on the road
  • erect scaffolding, access towers or hoists
  • operate mobile cranes, hoists and cherry pickers
  • erect hoarding or staging
  • erect a mobile or tower crane
  • place contractors plant, containers or materials on the road or footway

Tables & Chairs Permit

  • place tables and chairs on the footway outside your business premises

Private Utility Apparatus Permit (S109)

  • excavations to place, maintain or remove apparatus in or under the road or footway.

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs)

  • temporary road closures
  • temporary parking restrictions
  • temporary restrictions such as one-way streets

To obtain any of the above consents, please complete a permit application.

Permit Application Form