Traffic signals and pedestrian crossings

Road Services is responsible for over 64 sets of permanent traffic signals in East Lothian, varying from major junctions to pedestrian crossings.

We currently have a maintenance contract with Siemens Traffic Controls.

Under the terms of the contract, Siemens are required to attend and complete all repairs within 48 hours. However, for high priority junctions, repairs must be completed within four hours.

Report a traffic signal fault

Installing new traffic signals

The addition of new traffic signals schemes aims to improve safety at junctions by:

  • removing conflicting traffic movements
  • giving priority to a particular class of road user, including pedestrians
  • managing traffic flow and priorities

The process of deciding whether to install a signalised pedestrian crossing at a junction involves carrying out pedestrian and vehicle surveys and comparing the results with national criteria.

The main factors measured are:

  • the number of people crossing
  • the amount and speed of traffic
  • the number of injuries on the road near the site
  • local features such as hospitals, schools and shops

All requests for new traffic signals installations/pedestrian crossings should be made in writing to the Road Services team or email 

Zebra crossings

The flashing beacon lights on zebra crossings, as well as street lights and illuminated signs and bollards, are maintained by Street Lighting.

Report a flashing beacon light fault

Temporary traffic signals at road works

Temporary traffic signals and traffic management around road works are the responsibility of the contractor carrying out the work. Every site should display a board with the contractor's details and a 24 hour contact number.