Drop kerbs

How to apply for consent to construct a drop kerb

If you plan to instal a driveway, you'll have to drop the kerb to allow your vehicle to cross the public footway. To ensure this excavation work is carried out safely and to the correct standard, you must obtain consent from us by completing a permit application.

Download a Permit Application Form

Planning permission

Planning permission is not always required for this work, but it will be if:

  • your property has direct frontage access onto a classified road (i.e. a road with an A, B or C number classification denoting its importance as part of the road network, where A is most important)
  • your property is a listed building
  • your property is something other than a house for a single family (e.g. flat, maisonette, commercial or industrial premises)
  • you are applying for a change of use for the land (i.e. open space to road)

If you think your property falls under one of the above classifications, please call our Planning Reception on 01620 827216 for further advice.

Before you commence work

If you decide to go ahead with constructing a drop kerb you must ensure that your driveway complies with the Council's standards:

  • the driveway should be 6m in length (5m is the absolute minimum)
  • any new gates must open into the property, not out onto the public footway.
  • the first 2 metres of the driveway must be surfaced with bound material

We will issue a full list of conditions and specifications with the consent.