Wallyford Routes to School

In recent years, Wallyford has been the site of a large amount of development. As part of this, a new primary school was constructed in 2019, and required a path through The Bing – an area of woodland immediately south-east of Wallyford Industrial Estate. This path was to be a ‘safer route to school’ for pupils travelling between the primary school and the residential areas to the west and south-west. 

This report by independent transport consultancy AECOM studies the feasibility of the various options for the routes to school, and provides an appraisal of each, and gives an indication of relative costs. The report also to includes the assessment of several complementary improvements to paths to the north, east and west of The Bing, as well as looking at active travel improvements to Wallyford Toll roundabout, where a number of existing and proposed routes converge.

Download the Wallyford Safer Route to School Feasibility Study 2022