Wallyford Toll Active Travel Improvements

AECOM is supporting East Lothian Council to design a scheme to make it easier and safer for pedestrians and cyclists to travel across and around the Wallyford Toll roundabout.

Changes here are a key part of longer-term proposals to make it easier to walk and cycle between Prestonpans, Wallyford, Musselburgh and Tranent. Once the routes are complete, many more people will feel able to choose to walk or cycle, knowing that they can reach their destination easily and quickly.

Being a large roundabout with limited facilities for people walking, cycling and wheeling, Wallyford Toll Roundabout is currently a barrier to travel on foot, in wheelchairs or by bike. Any existing provision on the approaches to the roundabout is severed by the traffic on the roundabout, and there is no safe way for blind or partially sighted people to make a connection across it. Some examples are provided below:

Image of approach to Wallyford Toll roundabout from Prestonpans

Narrow pavements with no crossings as you approach from Prestonpans

Image of Wallyford Toll roundabout on the approach from Musselburgh

End of cycleway on Haddington Road as you approach from Musselburgh

Additionally, two projects focused on providing improved routes for people walking, cycling, and wheeling are planned that connect to or across the roundabout:

  • as part of Musselburgh Active Toun (MAT), a new segregated cycleway (Route 2) is to be provided on the A199 Haddington Road, connecting Wallyford Toll to Musselburgh
  • the high quality Segregated Active Travel Corridor (SATC), is proposed to connect Dunbar to Edinburgh, mostly following the A199 corridor - the current proposal for the route is for it to connect through Wallyford Park and Ride, before crossing The Loan and continuing westwards towards Wallyford railway station

The alignments of these routes are shown in the image below:

Plan showing existing Active Travel routes converging at Wallyford Toll


Facilities at the roundabout for people walking, cycling, and wheeling need to be improved to allow people to move between from the existing and proposed routes at the roundabout.

The types of measures that we are considering include:

  • new signalised crossings to allow people to cross safely
  • improved facilities to allow people to walk, wheel and cycle safely around and across the roundabout
  • narrowing the space for vehicles at the roundabout

We are currently exploring options. We expect to conclude this process in March and will be taking forward a preferred option to detailed design. We expect to have our designs complete by Summer 2023.

This design work is being funded by Transport Scotland via the Cycling, Walking, Safer Routes grant. Furth funding would have to be identified before we are able to implement any changes.

To sign up to the mailing list and have your say on existing traffic issues, opportunities and constraints at this roundabout, please contact WallyfordToll@aecom.com