Markle Level Crossing replacement

Network Rail is building a new station funded by Transport Scotland and East Lothian Council at East Linton. It is anticipated the station will be operational in 2024.

The close proximity of Markle Level Crossing to the new station means an increased safety risk. Markle level crossing is currently protected by road traffic light signals, half-barrier equipment, an audible alarm and signage.

markle level crossing

The increased risk is due to the potential for road users to become impatient with the longer arrival time of stopping trains compared to non-stopping ones, weaving round the open gap in the opposite carriageway, and being struck by a train.

An online consultation ran from 07/07/2021 to 31/07/2021 and asked local people for their opinions on:

  • the closure of Markle level crossing
  • the alignment of the replacement road and crossing to the south of Markle settlement
  • the preliminary proposals for a new road and bridge

Planning Permission (22/01328/P) was granted in May 2023, with construction planned to commence once all land assembly and commercial arrangements have been made. The new road is expected to open in 2024.

Should a replacement bridge and diversionary road prove not to be viable, the fall-back position remains to upgrade the crossing to a full barrier. However, the barrier closure times at the crossing would increase by an approximate factor of four every time a train passed, resulting in a significantly longer cumulative closure of the road to pedestrians and road vehicles.

The works will be fully funded by Transport Scotland and the new bridge and diversionary road .