Public entertainment licences

A licence is needed if you intend to have entertainment such as a dance, concert, variety show or funfair in any place, where members of the public are admitted.  A licence is needed for any event, even if held outdoors.  The Public Entertainment Licence Resolution lists all the activities which require to be licensed.

Public Entertainment Licence Resolution


You may need to notify East Lothian Safety Advisory Group (ELSAG) of an event your are organising. 

Further details and the notification form can be found here 


You can apply for a Full or Temporary Public Entertainment Licence (PEL).  Full licenses last for three years and Temporary, for six weeks.  All applications will be circulated for consultation to Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services and various East Lothian Council departments.  If you are applying for a Full licence you are required to display a Site Notice at the event site, where it is clearly visible to members of the public.


Applications for Temporary PELs must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the date of your event.

Licence Fees

**Please note: licence fees are non-refundable**


Useful information

Planning a public event

Public Entertainment Licence application form

Site Notice

Compliance Notice