Sexual entertainment venue

A Sexual entertainment venue licence is required for the use of any premises at which sexual entertainment is provided before a live audience for (or with a view to) the financial gain of the organiser.  The Licensing Sub-committee have adopted a licensing policy statement in relation to the licensing of sexual entertainment venues. This document details how to apply for a licence. Please ensure that you review this before applying for a licence. 

It is possible to apply for a waiver which, if granted, would mean that you don’t require the licence. Please review the licensing policy statement for further information in relation to this. You should not operate as a sexual entertainment venue without obtaining a licence or a waiver unless you are relying on the occasional use exemption.

If a licence is granted, conditions will be attached. Please see the licensing policy statement for details on which conditions will be applied as standard and how additional conditions may be added.

You must give notice of your application by publishing an advertisement in a newspaper specified by the local authority, being a newspaper circulating in their area within seven days of the application. The applicant shall supply a copy of the advertisement to the Licensing Authority. Notice of the application must also be displayed for 21 days, from the date of the application, on or near the premises in a place where the notice can conveniently be read by the public.

Download the application form

Download the guidance notes

Download the site notice

Download the site notice guidance notes

Download the compliance notice

Download the sample advertisement

Download the statement of policy 

Licence Fees

**Please note: Licence fees are non-refundable**