Support for Adult Carers


Anyone providing regular support to a vulnerable friend or relative will want to do what they can to protect their own health and that of those they look after during the coronavirus outbreak. 

East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership will continue to support carers, prioritising those in most need and at most risk.

Information and support 

Keeping safe

Like everyone, unpaid carers (including young carers), and the people being cared for, should familiarise themselves with the public health advice on how to protect themselves from infection. As the situation is changing quickly, the guidance may also change, so carers should therefore check regularly to make sure they are following the latest guidance.

Donning and doffing (Personal Protective Equiment) PPE

Watch this video to see how to take your PPE off safely -

There is support available to help carers in East Lothian with their caring responsibilities.

There are an estimated 14,584 carers in East Lothian. Some carers may be providing unpaid support for relatives or next of kin, others may provide unpaid extra assistance for a friend, relative or neighbour who cannot manage themselves due to illness, age or frailty. Some people may not even view themselves as a carer.

Support for carers

If you are over 16 and have a caring role you may be able access additional services from adult social care. Following an assessment, we will work to provide you with advice or practical support to meet your needs. These assessments are called Adult Carer Support Plans.

About Adult Carer Support Plans

The support plans will help you to think the following:

  • Quality of Life
  • Managing the Caring Role
  • Planning for the future
  • Finances and Benefits
  • Emotional and practical support

Information you provide in the support plan will help us determine what support you may need. If your needs meet our carers eligibility criteria you may be entitled to a budget for support in your own right.

How to complete an Adult Carer Support Plan

You can choose to complete the support plan with a social worker, with your local carer organisation (Carers of East Lothian) or we can send you one to complete independently.