Information on dementia

If you are living with dementia, or are a carer supporting someone with dementia, you may find the Dementia: A Carer’s Local Directory helpful.

The directory, written by carers for carers, is a combination of resources that other carers who have supported those living with dementia have found useful in their journey. The aim of the directory is to help those living with dementia navigate through the challenges which a diagnosis of dementia brings.

The directory provides local information on:

  • Support groups available
  • Activities and classes
  • Opportunities to socialise
  • Key contact details for further information and support

Download Dementia: A Carer’s Local Directory

Alzheimer Scotland also provide a number of services for people with dementia and their carers.

Their East Lothian Services leaflet includes information on:

  • Dementia Advisor: providing information and advice around living with dementia
  • Dementia Café’s: opportunities to meet other people living with dementia
  • Their Post Diagnostic Support service
  • 24 Hour Dementia Helpline

Download their East Lothian Services leaflet