Adult carer support plans

The Adult Carer Support Plan is an opportunity to express your feelings and needs as a Carer and talk about how caring affects you. The aim is to find out what impact your caring responsibilities have on your life and look at ways to support you in your caring role.

Completing an Adult Carer Support Plan is entirely up to you. You can complete the form with help from your local Carers organisation (Carers of East Lothian), with help from the Local Authority (East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership) or by yourself.

However, the feedback we've received is that a Carer Support Plan really helps generate a ‘good conversation’ that can support carers to identify what will make a difference to them.

Support plans have been designed to allow carers to consider how caring is affecting each of the following areas of their life:

  • health and wellbeing
  • relationships
  • life balance
  • breaks from caring
  • living environment
  • employment and training
  • finance
  • future planning

By completing an ACSP you should be supported to identify your personal outcomes (the things that matter to you), what you want to happen and what kind of support will be best to make this happen. For example the outcomes might be to remain in employment, be able to keep up with a specific hobby or interest, to gain more confidence, or to have a regular break from caring.