Charging for support at home

You may be asked to contribute towards any care at home services that you receive. The amount of contribution you will have to make will depend on your financial circumstances.

Services for which we may charge

  • Care and Services following assessment of need
  • Care at Home/Homecare – non personal care
  • Personal care to people under 65
  • Night-time and Sleepover Services
  • Home Meal Services and Lunch Clubs
  • Community Alarm Telecare Service
  • Adaptations provided through Private Sector Housing Grant
  • Respite Care

Your social care worker will arrange for you to complete a financial assessment. The financial assessment will take account of any income, savings and capital that you may have.

If you do not wish to disclose your financial details, you will have to pay the full charge for care. This excludes personal care if you are aged 65 or over

You will need to provide paperwork to support the information that you have given. For example we will need to see copies of:

  • The letter you received from the Department for Work & Pensions informing you about your benefits or pension
  • Current bank statements
  • Information on any other income

Download our charging policy for full information