Pre-Vocational Programme

The Pre-Vocational Programme offers students in secondary school the opportunity to learn and develop social and practical skills which help them gain employment, training, or a place at University or College.

All of the programmes are supported by an Employability Intervention Officer and offer students the chance to learn new skills and build on talents that they already have.

The application process involves:

  • the student or their parent/carer speak to the pupil’s guidance teacher or support worker - if they are interested in one of the courses
  • the guidance teacher submits a referral to an Employability Intervention Officer at East Lothian Works
  • an interview between the Employability Intervention Officer and the young person - to give them in-depth information about the course
  • the courses begins in the new school term (some bespoke courses run at different times of the year)

Young people will have the opportunity to gain experience and build on their confidence, and may receive a referral from their course tutors while they build on their employability skills.

Transport for all courses is fully covered. It is the young person’s responsibility to catch up on any work they may have missed.

In previous years many young people gained qualifications which allowed them to move straight into employment, and successfully complete work experience placements leading to further training or work.

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