Mentoring Programme

The mentoring programme provides the opportunity for pupils from S4–S6 in East Lothian High Schools to have their own mentor to meet with on a 1:1 basis once a month.

The content of the meetings is decided upon by the young person to provide them with the support they need and examples of this could be:

  • Talking about what it’s like to work in the industry they want to go into.
  • Needing help with looking at jobs if they are unsure about what they want to do.
  • Being nervous about going to University or College.
  • Needing advice or support on planning for the future or addressing difficulties in school.

Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds and are East Lothian Council staff or from external organisations, for example:

  • ICT Specialists
  • Youth Workers
  • Project Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Maintenance staff

Meetings will take place in school and the duration of the relationship will depend on the needs of the young person.