Work Experience Programme

Most employers say that young people don't have enough experience to get them a job. However through the Work Experience Programme, we can provide the opportunity to gain some experience while preparing for going into the working world and also help to think about career plans.

Placements can be offered for one afternoon per week up to full-time, any time during the academic year, and can be with a huge variety of employers in a wide variety of industries.

Placements may not always be available in the industry of choice but all placements will provide the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience in the world of work.

If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with East Lothian Works, enquiring about the Work Experience Programme.

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Kirsty's story

image shows Kirsty and a colleague working outside, looking after a local park.


Kirsty was referred to East Lothian Works to help her become more involved in activities. Naturally quiet, she was able to mix with other young people in similar situations to her and develop her interests.

"The support which I received through East Lothian Works gave me the confidence to explore my interests." - Kirsty


"The support which I received through East Lothian Works gave me the confidence to explore my interests. The team also helped me to try new skills. I did stone stacking and helped with some gardening at Herb Space.
"I also got to complete an archaeology course, which was interesting. We examined an old house and its layout near Haddington. I now have a CV, which I am continuing to build upon and I have a paid work placement," she says.

Paid work experience

East Lothian Works' Next Steps Work Experience arranges paid work placements for people who would benefit from experiencing the world of work before moving forward with their education, training or employment. A key element of this programme is the one-to-one support received from an Employability Intervention Officer.

Learning while earning

Kirsty applied for a placement on this programme and joined East Lothian Council Countryside Rangers as a trainee. She is currently working across different outdoor spaces in East Lothian.
Kirsty said "I am learning lots from the other Rangers and as I get to be outdoors this is really good for both my mental and physical health. I'm also learning lots about East Lothian's wildlife."