Community Benefits

When a contract is awarded by the Council to a business, there is an expectation that the contractor will agree to provide additional benefits for local schools, residents, and/or community groups. This is referred to as ‘added value’, and is about achieving more from public spending to benefit the local community.

Community benefits can provide employers with links to schools, work experience opportunities, training opportunities, apprenticeships and potential employees, in order to aid contractors in providing their added value. Community Benefits can also provide environmental benefits by securing materials or equipment for community projects or other innovative opportunities designed to benefit the residents of East Lothian.

If you require any support in regards to Community Benefits or you are the representative of a charity or organisation that would benefit from the added value provided by contractors to the council, please get in touch with East Lothian Works, stating that you are looking for the Community Benefits Co-ordinator, and we will be happy to help.

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