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Jack and Ivy, DunbarTwo young people smiling at Jack and Ivy in Dunbar

Established in 2018, Jack and Ivy is an award winning hairdressing salon in Dunbar. Since opening they have been committed to employing and training young people, assisting them through their NVQ qualifications. Employing school leavers gives the team at Jack and Ivy the opportunity to instil their standards and beliefs from the outset thus ensuring that their training will be carried out to a consistent standard. It also increases knowledge of the industry as these young people become confident and talented stylists in the salon, with a bright career ahead of them.


Jack and Ivy have received funding from East Lothian Works to employ two young people so far and are looking at employing a third. These young people have been supported to achieve their hairdressing qualifications and are thriving in their roles. In the words of one participant, Aimee - "The hard work that Graeme and Jackie put into the training for me and other girls has been amazing".

 "Training young people is an investment of your time, it is such help for a business if they are able to take advantage of financial support from East Lothian Works" - Jackie, Busniess Owner

This commitment to investing and developing their workforce has lead Jack and Ivy to be nominated as finalists for the Mid and East Lothian Chamber of Commerce Best Commitment to Youth Development award.