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Environmental health supporting WHO awareness campaign

Published: Tuesday 24th October 2017

WHO awareness campaign on lead in water supplies


First East Lothian Businesses achieve EatSafe Award

Published: Thursday 13th April 2017

Local businesses achieve EatSafe award standards


Advice for poultry farmers

Published: Friday 9th December 2016

Scottish Government advises prevention zone in place for poultry


Innovative food safety packs support ‘freshers’

Published: Friday 30th September 2016

Students receive food safety advice and tips

Food safety

Summer BBQ food safety advice

Published: Friday 17th June 2016

Environmental Health supporting national summer food safety campaign

Food Hygiene Information Scheme logo

Check before you choose, on Mother's Day

Published: Friday 8th March 2013

Taking Mum out for a meal? Check food hygiene reports first.

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