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Education Scotland report on Knox Academy published

Published Tuesday 14th March 17

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Education Scotland has written to parents at Knox Academy in Haddington to let them know of the results of their inspection, which took place in November 2016.

The inspection team noted the following strengths in the school’s work:

• the Head Teacher is successfully engaging with a range of partners in the local community and that these partnerships are enhancing the curriculum and increasing pupil’s successes and achievements
• as a result of increased community links, young people are engaged in volunteering and developing leadership skills
• the curriculum offers a wide range of courses leading to qualifications, particularly those leading to Advanced Higher, and young people are attaining well in National Qualifications
• digital technology is extending young people’s learning, enhancing their experience

The reported also noted some areas for improvement: that the school should involve all stakeholders in revisiting the school’s vision and values to ensure a shared understanding of respect and value for learning; a new re-invigorated approach to equalities and inclusion is required; the school should continue to focus on ensuring that young people experience consistently high quality learning; and that staff should continue to build on discussing progress with learners in S4 to S6 to know their own strengths and next steps in learning.

Fiona Robertson, Head of Education at East Lothian Council, said:

“I want to pass on my thanks to the Head Teacher and the staff at the school, as well as the pupils, for all their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment. The report recognises a number of key strengths, including a wide range of courses on offer to young people, successful engagement with a range of partners in the wider community, as well as good levels of attainment in their National Qualifications. It is good to see this recognised.

“Clearly there are areas requiring some improvement and the council will be working closely with the Head Teacher and other school staff to ensure that the necessary improvements are made. We have already taken a number of steps to address the areas of improvement that have been identified in Education Scotland’s report. For example, we have posted an additional depute Head Teacher at the school to improve the processes and practice relating to equality, inclusion and wellbeing. Education Scotland will also be supporting the school in improving these areas. We are developing an action plan to address the other areas that have been identified for improvement, and there has been and will continue to be regular meetings between senior managers and the Head Teacher to ensure that the necessary actions are being taken and progressed. In addition, we have arranged for staff to visit other schools that have been highlighted as having effective practice in the areas that have been identified as needing improvement. There will be also additional support for the identified subject areas to improve the delivery of the curriculum.

“I am confident that the school is committed to making these improvements and I look forward to celebrating the progress made at the time of the follow-up report.”

Education Scotland will continue to liaise with East Lothian Council regarding the school’s capacity to improve and will return to carry out another inspection within 12 months.

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