Nurture, recovery and reconnection


In collaboration with school staff we have created a recovery and reconnection guide for our school communities. It is for school staff and other professionals. It will also inform parent, carers, children and young people of our approach.

Good teaching and learning start with positive relationships. Nurture is based on attachment theory and recognises the importance of positive relationships for wellbeing and learning.


The guide uses the framework of the six nurture principles (see below), to consider what children, young people, parents, carers and staff need during this period of transition and change. It highlights key approaches and practices, informed by theory and research. It will support our schools to plan, reconnect, recover and develop resilience. It includes further references and links.

  1. all learning is understood developmentally
  2. the school offers a safe base
  3. nurture is important for wellbeing
  4. language is a vital means of communication
  5. all behaviour is communication
  6. transitions are important

Nurture, Recovery and Reconnection in Schools

Nurture, Recovery and Reconnection in Early Learning and Child Care